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Give the gift of bilingualism this holiday season with an Hola Amigo gift card!

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Product reviews

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So much to love

I wasn't sure when Hola Amigos announced the move to Mi Mundo Biligue if I would like the new format but I really love it. I love the wooden play kits and I think play is the most natural way for children to absorb, and practice language acquisition. The materials are high quality and colorful and my children play with the houses and figures very well. It is very easy for me to focus on exposure to certain vocabulary as we play together. I also love the dry erase books that come with it. It keeps everything very organized and makes it easier to do some of the associated activities. That said I do have two critiques, I loved how one time, there was a little pouch included for the little cards (flowers, candy, insects etc.). That helped me keep the pieces together so we can continue to play the games and do the activities. I wish those were always included. I also really wish that the book was a story and the nonfiction book focused more on the vocabulary. I love that both fiction and nonfiction are included in the boxes, but I don't feel the fiction books really read like a story with the Mi Mundo Bilingue bundle.

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks so much for your informative review, we're positive it would help other customers. We greatly value your feedback and take it to heart.

Best gift ever for my grandchildren!

I started with the puzzle, then the airport theme package and the ABC cards, now I am hooked! Gave a set to the VPK teacher and my granddaughter’s class is loving their Spanish class ! Thank you for making learning so much fun!

Hi Debra,

Thanks so much for leaving a great review, we're super glad to hear your granddaughter's class is having fun while learning! We appreciate you!

Really Fun and Engaging!

My son really loves each box!

Hi Domonique!

Thanks so much for leaving a review! We're super glad to hear your son is loving Hola Amigo.

Stay tuned for more themes every month!

Wonderful Hola Amigo!

I just received order on Monday, August 21, 2023.
Order was in Illinois for over a week in mail.
Am excited to introduce to my 4 year old granddaughter who will attend a Spanish Emmersion school this year😀
Materials look wonderful, sturdy too!
I will let you know how she responds soon!
Sue Zongker
Reading Specialist/Arts Integration Teacher

Hi Sue!

Thanks so much for leaving a review. Super excited to know how your granddaughter responds to Hola Amigo. Please reach out if you need anything!


High quality.

Hi Kendra,

Thanks for leaving a review. Happy to hear you're liking Hola Amigo's high quality materials!

Great quality

I love the quality of all the products. Customer service is great and my little one is enjoying his first box so much. Tonight we played loteria with our insectos. Thanks

Hi Gina,

Thanks for leaving a review! We're so glad to be included in your child's learning.

Stay tuned for next month's theme!

Mystery Box - Early Learner
Aida Guido

Repeat of a box we've purchased previously.

Hi Aida,

Oh no, we're sorry you received a duplicate kit. Please reach out to our customer service and we'll ship out a replacement!

4 year old loves it!

We've been subscribers for two years - started with the toddler boxes and have progressed to Mi Mundo Bilingue. I've watched my daughter grow with the boxes. She now recognizes these boxes are for her and she's excited to open them when they get delivered. The new set up with the games promotes play time with family and a great opportunity to practice and learn words we may not typically use. The abuelos learn the English and the rest of us learn/re-learn the Spanish version.

Hi Nadia!

Thanks for your awesome review! We're so glad to be a part of your family's learning, it's so nice knowing the abuelos find great use of Hola Amigo too!

Have a great weekend!

So fun!

I was not sure what to expect from the subscription box and was so happy I subscribed! So many fun and cool activities for my toddler. She is only 2 so some of the activities are slightly too advanced for her but im glad this will be used for a long time!

Hi Janely!

Thanks so much for leaving a review, we're so glad your daughter liked Hola Amigo! We are honored to be part of your child's learning.

El Clima - Weather: Early Learner Box

Very well structured and put together package.

Hi Liliam!

Thank you for leaving a great review! We're glad you liked Hola Amigo!

Mi mundo bilingue

My family is literally obsessed with hola amigos. My kiddos have loved the mundo bilingue box. Los abuelos are visiting and it has become a fav activity to do with my 3 kiddos and parents! My kids are 5, 8, and 12! And they all get into all the games and activities that come in our box.

Hi Janeth,

Thanks so much for your fantastic review! We're glad to hear that learning with Hola Amigo has been a fun activity for the entire family. That is so sweet!

We're positive you'll have so much fun with next month's kit as well!

Love the village and workbook

I’ve been an Hola Amigo subscriber for about 2 years now. My son is now 6. I like the concept of Mi Mundo Bilingüe a lot…that all these people are part of our world. And I like the wooden pieces. The workbooks are great too, and I intend to bring them on airplanes and such when we travel. However, I am really missing the crafts. That was my son’s favorite part of the Hola Amigo box (followed closely behind by any type of board game). So, I wonder if there’s a way to bring at least one craft back. Other than that, so far we are liking Mi Mundo Bilingüe.

Hi Paula,

Thanks so much for your honest review! We appreciate having you as a subscriber. We will continue to do our best to bring value to future kits, and thanks for letting us know the crafts are being missed, that's valuable feedback for us.

We're so glad you're liking our Mi Mundo Bilingüe line, stay tuned for next month's box!

Quality and Fun

I love the high quality of the new Hola Amigo Mi Mundo Bilingüe! There is so much to unpack from each box that we will continue to explore for more than just the month. I love it and so do my kids! ❤️

Hi Cali,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! ❤️ We're so happy to hear that you and your kids are loving the Mi Mundo Bilingüe line. Our June kit will be as packed, if not more! Stay tuned!

Mi Mundo Bilingüe - My Bilingual World - Monthly Subscription

My kids never loved a Hola Amigo Box more than this!

I have been with Hola Amigo since the launch of the very first toddler box subscription! The quality and amount of items in the boxes have gotten better with every single box over the years. I love the idea behind Mi Mundo and my kids have taken so well to this first box insectos even after having previous insectos toddler boxes! My daughter has never wanted to play with any of the boxes more than she does with this! We have only ever done the crafts and read the books but this time she wants to play loteria almost every day and has started saying the name of insectos in real life situations. To top it off the amount of resources for this first box is amazing! She can enjoy this box for longer and not get bored. The reusable dry eraser work books are my dream come true as I used to laminate all of my material from previous boxes to get this same effect! My son is a little young but he loves playing along with her and now has a workbook of his own when he gets bigger all thanks to the sibling add on feature. The wooden playset is just the cutest and can not wait to add more to the collection as the months go by. They are very sturdy and I love that the design images match the work book, reading box and all downloadable pages. They even have Freebie Fridays were the materials match the insectos theme and adds something new each week to make it as reusable as possible. You can tell how much Alison and Conchita and the rest of the Hola Amigo team have put into this very first Mi Mundo box, all the love and effort did not go unnoticed by me! I am looking forward to more boxes and seeing my kids take to the material so well and easily just like insectos! Best money I have ever spent, no regrets!

You guys hit it out of the park

This nee change is amazing!! So much better!!! There are times in the previous subscription that I wasnt sure if it was worth the money. It was a hit and miss some months but this new box is amazing. Great quality that feels more worth of the price and my son loves it!!! Bravo!!!

bueno pra los ninos de 2 a 5

Just when I thought they couldn’t get better…

They did!! Oh my gosh… we are in Love! My 3 year old started playing with the wooden figures as soon as he could get his hands on them, like as I was opening the box! The quality is amazing…a huge upgrade from how they used to be. And I love that everything is reusable & will hold up to the kiddos (laminate type quality paper). Everything is top quality!

My 5 year old loved the mi mundo bilingue box

My 5 year old loves when her hola amigo box. she loved the theme of her mi mundo bilingue box this month. She wont stop talking about insects.

Much more durable and comprehensive

Really loving the updates to the kit!


Mi hijo está enamorado con esta caja. He’s only 2 years old pero le encantan insectos, especially mariquitas. I was surprised by how many activities he could do, like pattern matching, and I expect that we can come back as he continues to mature to experience everything in new ways. La lupa y las pinzas are being used to inspect everything, and he wants to read the musical book multiple times a day. We can’t afford to do this every month but I’ll keep this on my radar for future areas of interest!

Bilingual Safari Lacing Animals

Early Learner Monthly Subscription
Angela Timmer

Early Learner Monthly Subscription

Early Learner Monthly - Prepaid 3 Months
Chrislyn Barragan
Love it!!

This box is bringing our family closer together through the activities and connecting my kids to their Salvadoran roots. Definitely will order more

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