Our story...


After spending years working with hundreds of families desiring to teach their children a second language, the #1 question we were asked is how families can better support their language learners at home. Hola Amigo was created by two women; moms, bilingual educators and friends, who desire to meet this need and empower families from all language backgrounds to immerse their children in Spanish in a fun and engaging way! 

We are by your side every step of the way and look forward to joining you on your journey to bilingualism!

Meet the founders...

¡Hola! I’m Conchita, Mamá to two beautiful girls. I grew up in a Spanish speaking home along the coasts of central California. There I attended undergrad and graduate schools and worked as a School Counselor in Orange County, CA.

I was fortunate to take many trips to Mexico throughout my childhood, which is where my love for art and hand-made items was born. I spend much of my free time on Pinterest finding new projects or at bookstores planning my family’s next adventure. I love to expose my children to diverse cultures. On a recent trip to Machu Picchu, my girls were able to connect with kids from Panama, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand and Peru.

I believe with all my heart that being bilingual opens up new possibilities and brings our world closer together. I now live on the east coast and, in seeking more opportunities for my children to speak Spanish, found Allison’s Escuelita, and I was hired to teach alongside her.

While being a preschool teacher is a career change, it has quickly become my passion. Being a part of introducing kids to a new language, then seeing them grow and participate, gives me so much joy! I am truly thrilled to help you and your kids become more comfortable and fluent in Spanish!


¡Hola familias! I'm Allison! My path to bilingualism began as a young adult. I grew up in an English speaking home somewhat forcing my five younger siblings to happily play along as my students to support my dream of one day becoming a teacher. While completing my undergraduate degree in Spanish, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach in a bilingual school in Mexico, as well as a children's home in Bolivia. Through those experiences, a whole new world and area of my heart was opened to bilingual education and different cultures. From there, I completed my Masters in Teaching, along with endorsements in Early Childhood Education, ESOL, and Spanish. Upon graduation, I eagerly began teaching in Dual Language programs within public elementary schools in the United States.  

Shortly after moving across the country, I began seeking opportunities for my toddler to immerse himself in the Spanish language outside of our home. Quickly recognizing our area's great need for language immersion opportunities for kids, in 2014 I opened Escuelita; a Spanish immersion school focused on teaching Spanish to young children. It is such a gift to work with language learners every day! 

As a mom of four currently in the throes of raising bilingual kiddos, I deeply understand both the joys and vast benefits of having bilingual children, as well as the challenges that arise throughout the journey. It is our greatest desire that your whole family will enjoy your monthly Hola Amigo box, and that it will be a FUN and effective resource to support your little language learners.